I am a researcher with a great passion (and an earlier career with) science policy, science communications and project management. I am working with my PhD on international science-policy interfaces, international science and professional organizations (ISPA’s) and officials/decisionmakers. My PhD project is done under the supervision of Professor Hiski Haukkala to the University of Tampere’s Faculty of Management.

I did my master’s thesis (Titled “Global environmental risk on the international interface of power and knowledge: Boundary-ordering devices between the IPCC, the US and the EU as derived from their science-based climate change policy discourses.”)
in 2008 for the University of Turku, my “other” alma mater.

Between my master’s thesis and my PhD I have worked  e.g. at the Academy of Finland, Tekes, University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Council of Finnish Academies. Besides of my grant I have also a part time position as a Senior Advisor at Young Academy Finland, where I help talented young researchers with their non-research related projects. Most of my time during the week, however, goes with my own research.

I have a grant for my project from Finnish Cultural Foundation, and a working space at Nessling Nest researcher community at the heart of Helsinki.

At my free time, which is not plenty at the moment being a mother of two, I try to run in the woods, do some effective HIIT exercises, knit, enjoy art and read books. I also wish that some time in the following year I had time to revive my old hobbies Crossfit and sailing.